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We realize augmented reality stories

and shift your media, communication and education projects to the next level

Our expertise is in stories, content and entertaining knowledge formats for augmented and virtual reality. We combine the best of storytelling, gamification, digital communication and XR technology to create interactive 360° experiences for immersive media that stay in your memory.

Our thematic areas are environmental communication, culture, media, society and education. Through our networked multi-channel approach along a communication strategy, we succeed in integrating AR and VR stories coherently into your communication, brand and media strategy.

We implement the 360° worlds and 3D edutainment formats with our tools for XR storytelling and XR content marketing. We also use the technologies of our partners for this.


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XR-Edutainment is the future of communication

We inspire your target groups anew in an innovative and intelligent way. Because our edutainment formats increase the attention for your messages and products and raise your communication to a new level.

This enables you to win over young target groups in particular. And you increase your sales! This is how AR and VR become an important part of your digital strategy.

*Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are immersive media. Together they are called Extended Reality (XR) (AR, VR, interactive 360° videos).


Concept and strategy for immersive media projects

XR projects need strong concepts and sustainable communication strategies

We agree on the project goals with our clients and design innovative digital XR communication and knowledge formats based on them. Formats have the advantage of providing long-lasting, reliable and recurring information orientation. We give our clients impulses on society- and future-oriented aspects to develop knowledge and communication processes for tomorrow.

Content Creation

Content and Storytelling for Digital and Immersive Formats AR, VR and 360°Video

We produce high-quality interactive XR edutainment formats Our attention is on the needs of the user. We develop strong stories from complex information with our XR story mapping tool. To do this, we combine storytelling, film and interactive serious games elements with VR and AR technologies and mechanics, among others, and create edutainment experiences that stay in the memory.



We make you fit for the future.

Our workshops provide you with everything you need to independently develop and implement innovative projects with your teams and to open up new revenue models. The workshops teach you the most important basics of developing innovative media and communication projects. Methods such as design thinking, content creation and business model canvas are taught. The workshops are booked individually and as an accompaniment to communication projects.



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Elle Langer: Medieninnovationen AR und VR

Elle Langer

Medieninnovations AR and VR –
Success factors for the development of Experiences

Success factors for the development of Experiences

Augmented and virtual reality are media innovations with specific characteristics. They create immersion in the user, as the user is immersed in the medium and its 360° environment. To successfully develop content and applications for AR and VR, psychological effects, the specifics of the 360° environment, the story, and the way the media is used must be aligned with the needs and experiences of the user. Content producers face novel challenges in content development, method selection, teamwork, and the overall production process of AR and VR experiences.The book introduces readers to the characteristics of immersive media and provides scientific evidence and practical tips to help them produce high-quality, user-centric content for immersive media.

Goody – Design Thinking

Goody – Design Thinking

Berliner Yacht Club

Berliner Yacht Club

Future Leaf – Augmented Reality for CSR-Communication

Future Leaf – Augmented Reality for CSR-Communication

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Verkehrsclub Deutschland

Verkehrsclub Deutschland